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Japanese Daily Life Guidance


Are you thinking about moving to Japan? Are you a teacher or student already set to arrive? 

Do you already live in Japan but you are still struggling to figure things out?


When I came to Japan to live back in 2007, there was a book called “Being A Broad in Japan” that was being passed around by my foreign friends. It had everything in it, from turning on utilities to visiting a doctor. It was very helpful but a tome of a book.


JPRTokyo is your handy, pocket-sized guide to navigating life in Japan. 


And while I have a travel scrapbook and some travel-related information here. This is really not meant to be a travel or quirky-Japan site. There are plenty of those about, and I may even mention them at times.


But what are the best cleaning products? How do you prevent mold from growing in your bathroom? What is the kanji for bleach, for cleaning and for lightening the skin?(Be careful!) Why does this guy keep coming to my door and asking if I have a TV and/or a husband? Why does your elderly neighbor ask you for change at night every couple of months? 


Some of these queries you might ever need the answer to, but just know I’ll talk about them here. 


Just have a look through the blog. 


And if you don’t see your query here, I have a 15 years of experience and a lot of helpful friends. 


JPRTokyo is here to try to help you figure it out!

About Me, Nette


I'm a veteran ESL/TEFL teacher and Japan explorer. ​

I enjoy trying new products and recommending them, seeing new places, photography (especially on Instagram), and sharing information to hopefully make the world a better place. 

I love wine, friends, family, and my pet cat Blondie.

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