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The In-Person CP+ Event is Cancelled Again this Year and I'm Sad

My, now partner, then co-worker handed me an envelope at work one day. He had helped me pick out my first camera with an interchangeable lens a few months before. That interaction led to my expensive journey into the world of amateur photography.

In the envelope were tickets to a major camera brand showcasing event. I didn't get the hint though so I invited a different coworker to join me. It would be another 8 months(in which time I had quit) before he and I would ever spend any one-on-one time together. However with those tickets a different spark was lit: my love for CP+.

However with those tickets different spark was lit: my love for CP+.

.......Wait! Come back!

I'm not a major camera nerd. I don't know all of the specs for any particular camera, I'm not brand loyal (I'm loyal to my pocketbook), and I still use my phone for 90% of my pictures.

But the atmosphere, the information, and all the gadgets to see! I swooned and later bought several items that I absolutely love.

Last year, because of "it that shall not be named", the event was held online. And, I tried to watch the streams, but it was really hard to see what I wanted to see when I wanted to see it. Plus, it was mostly the technical presentations from the companies and some rock stars in the industry.

That aspect, though important, was never the beauty of CP+ for me. It was the freedom to browse. I preferred the less technical demonstrations and hands-on stations. And, of course, the freedom of being able to check things that I'm interested in on my schedule.

So this year, when they announced they were having the physical event the 24th through the 27th of February, I let myself hope, but I waited to sign up because...I had a bad feeling.

And I was right.

So, it's all online again this year. I can only hope for next year.

I miss the real you, CP+, virtual you feels too much like a bunch of camera nerd infomercials.

However, if you are into the technical stuff, here's a link. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I am not in any way sponsored by CP+ or any of their affiliates, but if they want to they can email me!

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