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Welcome to JPRTokyo: formerly Japanology Reloaded

I needed a new start, new direction, and a new look.

Why? Well…

Honestly, I was spending too much money and I stopped enjoying the results. The posts and videos no longer felt authentic to me. So I took a step back and had a think about it.

I had to ask myself some questions...

I had to ask myself some questions. Do I want to be a fashion influencer?… And I thought, only on accident. Do I want to be a makeup artist?…no. I like playing with makeup on myself and friends but I don’t want to do that as a job. Plus it’s too expensive to keep up with the ever changing trends of being a YouTube beauty MUA.

So, do I like traveling? …Yes. Do I have a lot of time to?… no. So I can’t focus on that but I can share my memories and tips on it. So I figured I'd do that and the other thing that I do well; talk about daily life experiences and everyday shopping.

It’s mundane, but it’s the insight most people want.

It’s everyday life for me, but I realized it is the information that friends back home and visitors are interested in and the information that new arrivals have the most trouble with.

So, I’ll focus on showing Japan though my admittedly limited, but increasing, understanding. Hopefully, some of it is relatable and perhaps even helpful for any others, especially black women, wondering around in Japan.

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PS: I’ll be reposting some of the Japanology Reloaded content that I still feel is relevant.

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